Top Three: tourist attractions in Cozumel

Cozumel is Mexico’s third largest island just after Shark Island and Angel Island in the Gulf of California. The main feature of this place is all the options offered to scuba divers, all coral reefs are spectacular as well as being perfect for both beginners and expert divers.

This place also has different options to explore the rainforest, many natural parks and secluded beaches with a stunning turquoise blue color, as well as the huge variety of resorts in Cozumel. If you are planning your next trip and have chosen this island as the ideal destination here we leave you three places to visit when you’re there:

Cozumel Reefs National Park
This is a jungle area where you can find mangroves and hundreds of sea turtles, lobsters, snails and black coral. This park is very large, so within you will find several areas of reefs and lovely unspoiled beaches.

Chankanaab Park
One of the best parks in southeastern Mexico where diving is a spectacle as you can see more than 60 species of tropical fish, corals and crustaceans. It is not very deep so it is an experience that can live from the smallest to the biggest one of the family.

Ecotouristic Park Faro Celarain
This place gives all its visitors one of the most beautiful landscapes of Mexico, it is also home to hundreds of mangroves coastal dunes, reefs and secluded beaches. There is also a museum dedicated to navigation, Mayan archaeological vestiges and a special area destined to see crocodiles in their natural habitat.

The Mexican Caribbean has many natural treasures with incredible scenery that will definitely make you fall in love with them, and particularly Cozumel is a lovely place you won’t regret visiting with your family or friends.

We hope this information helps you to enjoy this beautiful place!