Lucas Dougherty and his passionate trip to South Africa

Lucas Dougherty travels around the world in search of adventure. He is not one of those people that dreams about getting on a plane once in a while, he’s the type that works hard to make this a reality.

This is why Lucas Dougherty takes his vacations very seriously and every year he embarks on a new journey to enrich himself as a world citizen.

Since he was very young, he felt an attraction for new cultures, languages and cuisines, so every time he travels to a new country his heart is overjoyed.

Lucas Dougherty lives to travel

For Lucas Dougherty there is nothing better than travelling, and once he read a tourism magazine about the paradise-like beaches of South Africa, he decided that would be his next destination.

As soon as his days off arrived, he boarded a flight to his ideal destination. He landed in South Africa with incredible enthusiasm and was sure it would be an unforgettable trip.

Lucas Dougherty and his love for beaches

Lucas Dougherty knew which beaches he wanted to visit. He researched online and each of them left a mark on his memory.

The list Lucas Dougherty drafted of South African beaches he wanted to visit 9 months before his trip would take away anyone’s sleep. He picked the most beautiful and was certain he could not regret his hobby. 

He was excited about Boulders beach because of its main attraction: over 3,000 african penguins that live there and make it a unique and special beach.

He also fell in love with other South African beaches: Muizenberg Beach in Cape Town – one of the longest – Lucas Dougherty thought was very beautiful and Jeffreys Bay he found very active because of the surfers.