6 Adventurous Things to do in Maastricht

Planning a trip to Maastricht? But confused about how to make your tour more adventurous? Don’t worry we got you. We will assist you to pick the finest adventurous activities that you can do to make your trip unforgettable.

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What are best to do things that make your trip more adventurous?

There are many things to do in this amazing city as it’s the largest city of the province Limburg but obviously, things get difficult when you have a lot of options and you have to pick a few. Let’s find out the amazing 6 adventurous things to ease down your worries.

Maastricht running tours

People of Maastricht love to run and explore the city while running. As it also helps in keeping you fit and on the other hand you explore the city well rather than a vehicle. It is one of the best to do an outdoor activity that tourists love to do.

Meuse river tour on the boat

You might have heard about the most important river in Europe named Meuse River that runs through Belgium and the Netherlands. It is 925km long and there are many towns, cities, banks and other places located in between. For knowing this river in detail there is no better but the bout tour.

Maastricht Underground

If you are a person who is interested in history and loves to know about the old times then the Maastricht underground is the finest thing to explore for you. The Maastricht has the most amazing developed network of historical caves and tunnels.

The underground network tunnel and the passageway were developed to improve the cities defences during the time of siege from the year 1500s to 1800s.


The Vrijthof is the largest and most popular square in the Limburg region. The vrijthof has plenty of monuments and is a whimsical place to visit for people who are interested in seeing things like monuments and structures.

Besides monuments, you can even find the best shops and restaurants at this place which surely makes it a must-visit the place. Also, the monuments that you can find here include the Basilica of ST, Servatius, the Spanish government, the cannon house and also a post office.


You might get a shock after visiting the place Helpoort also pronounced as the Hell’s gate. It was constructed in the 1200s due to the city defenses.

The wall that is standing still even after ages and passing hundreds of years. It also contains a museum which has the history Maastricht for you to know the secrets and things that took place in this beautiful city.

Boekhandel Dominicanen

You wouldn’t ever expect to see a bookstore inside a church. Would you? But this time you surely will if you visit the Boekhandel Dominican in the Maastricht. It is present inside a 12th-century church which makes it more exciting and adventurous to visit. It is an ideal place for people who love to read books.

Confused about how to make your trip adventurous and unforgettable? Don’t worry we will assist you in the finest way possible to make your tour better than ever before.