App to send money to friends, Verse: a logical solution to an everyday problem

There is a phrase that says “any advanced enough technology is indistinguishable from magic” and certainly for those who do not know them, that is the impression given by new phones and tablets. But those are simply very powerful and light computers with access to Internet. And there are dedicated programs that a company, team, or person have encoded for them. One example would be an app to send money to friends, Verse.

It is an application for smartphones that was created following steps that every successful corporation has made to flourish in the marketplace:

  • First, you have to find a necessity, something that numerous individuals want constantly and for one reason or another have not been able to satisfy it on their own account yet. In this case, the need is when you go out with pals or family to have fun, you usually require funds and although everybody is willing to contribute, you waste a lot of time if everyone decides to pay a bit of the bill or have to move to ATM’s and suffer the long queues to withdraw cash.
  • Second, to think about how to solve the difficulty and which tool to use. At this epoch and with technological advances, there are application resources in intelligent cells. They can vary from large software that can perform many different but simple functions, such as text editors.

Or others extremely oriented that only execute a specific action pretty quickly, like checking word density of a document to estimate the number of repetitions that occur and being capable to correct them.

Thus, combining all of the above, the idea arises to create an app to transfer capital. Because most of the people have an electronic device, it is easier waiting a couple of minutes to direct currency than going to the bank, paying cash or using several of your credit or debit cards. And so, you get a suitable product for the necessities of current market.

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