Incredible things to know about Santo Domingo

The end of the year is very near, and if you think you wasted the last couple of months doing nothing because you didn’t travel or go on a vacation, you’re wrong, there’s still time for you to enjoy yourself and embrace in an adventure that will full fill your desire of exploring something new.

Traveling is always refreshing for the soul, because we can have unique experiences, otherwise we couldn’t have. To leave our home, the place where we live in order to adventure in a faraway country or in a distant destination expands our minds and hearts.

And if we are talking about exploring in order to open our minds, there is one country that has the best option for that, Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic.

Santo Domingo is so much more than just the capital of the Dominican Republic, this amazing city is in the Caribbean Sea, so the view and the landscapes will be out of this world.

Due to Santo Domingo is at the mouth of the Ozama River, on the south coast of the island, it’s the ideal place to practice kayaking.

Considered by many as the most modern and dynamic metropolis of the Caribbean, Santo Domingo, or “La Capital” as it is affectionately called, transmits the true pulse of the Dominican life and culture like no other city in the Dominican Republic.

This is the city where the old and the new converge perfectly, from the architecture and history of centuries of antiquity, to the huge massive shopping centers, art galleries, the active and interesting nightlife and the most irresistible gastronomic scene.

Exploring the Colonial City, the first European settlement in the Americas, is a recommended experience that will change your life forever.

Start planning your visit to this magnificent place, stay in a Santo Domingo resort and let its historical neighborhoods full of architectural wonders delight your mind, what are you waiting for? Santo Domingo is ready for you.